Database and Software Development using FileMaker

Joftech Software uses FileMaker as a rapid application development tool. We have designed and build database and software solutions  for waste management, medical practices, education, retail and manufacturing. 

As Developers FileMaker allows us to produce  a working prototype for a customer quickly. This helps the customer see what’s possible increasing confidence and uptake by staff.

There are plenty of software packages which do a lot of things well. But how many do everything you really want? Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your business information to suit the way you run your business, and not the other way around?  

Some of the things that you can do with FileMaker.

Step-by-step reporting tools to help manage and automate tasks.

Integrate mobile solutions into existing enterprise and departmental systems.

Deploy solution updates in real time as requirements evolve.

Manage and secure solutions using industry-standard authentication.

Easily view, edit, search for information then securely share with each other. Capture signatures, view reports and charts, save information as PDF and Excel, email or print your data, and so much more.

FileMaker allows for the development of true cross platform applications the run on Windows, Macintosh and IOS devises.